About Me

I'm a passionate Developer and Cyber Security Expert from Belgium, ready to solve complex problems. I have self-taught myself since the age of 13. Furthermore, I recently graduated with great distinction.

My job is to build your product in a secure, efficient, and structured manner. This is to reduce development time and increase scalability, whereas for Cyber Security I am excellent at thinking outside the box.

What I'm Doing

Cyber Security

Forensics, code review, penetration testing, and much more.

Software Development

High-quality development from sites to programs at a professional level.

Server Management

Securely setting up and managing scalable server infrastructure.

Tech Advisory

Consultancy where I help you to develop and set up the right tech.

Coding Skills

PHP / Laravel90%
PHP / Laravel
More: Linux, C#, C++, MySQL, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Angular, React, ASP.NET, Spring

Cyber Security Skills

Code Review85%
Code Review
Red Teaming85%
Red Teaming
Incidence Response80%
Incidence Response
More: Reverse Engineering, Threat Intelligence, OSINT, Network & Infrastructure